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  1. vonchel

    New Burn Nurse

    I have one year experience on a Neuro floor and i have recently accepted a position on a intermediate burn unit. What are some things that i should know before i start working on the floor?
  2. vonchel

    Davita Aiken, SC

    Im hearing a lot of bad things about DaVita. I was wondering if anyone works at the Davita in Aiken, SC, if so how is it?
  3. vonchel


    I have been looking for a job in Augusta, GA for about two months now and I am having a hard time finding jobs to apply for. Does anyone have any suggestions on were I can apply and be successful with employment? I have 1 yr experience. I will try anything except homecare. Please let me know.
  4. vonchel

    breaking sterility question

    Im glad you got the job. What other questions did you get? I have an interview for OR next week.
  5. vonchel

    breaking sterility question

    Im glad you go the job.what other questions did you have at your interview? I have an interview for the OR next week?
  6. vonchel

    OR training Program

    Hans anyone on here been through an Operatind Room training program? IF so what is it like?
  7. vonchel

    Moving to Augusta, GA

    Im moving to Augusta, ga in July and have started looking for jobs but i dont see a lot of positions open on the hospital websites. I was wondering if they have a hiring freeze there. If not what is the best hospital to work at>