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  1. d_downer

    Question from a doc on NP education

    Np schools need to revamp their program if this desire to use np is going to work--
  2. d_downer

    Question from a doc on NP education

    From a pa friend the PA education is superior to that of a np- pa actually use textbooks from med school and are taught to diagnose--- NP don't have that extensive training needed because the schools ( majority) still force to much theory for nursing instead of adequate tools needed like xray review-- plus some np are better than others based on their experience so one may be able to take the lack of training provided by the schools and still be successful while others can't...
  3. d_downer

    Do you draw up blood on your own?

    I am a tech right now, but my nurses often draw their own labs to send and do their own blood sugars (hourly)unless they ask for me to do it.
  4. d_downer

    LPN or RN

    you have to do what is right for your life-not your mothers. she is probably trying to overprotect especially with you being on antidep-which btw, you need to stay on...and you need to go for the rn if that is what you want. you have to be able stand up and say this is 'my' life and i know what is best for me. parents have a lot of insight, but do not necessarily know what is always best when forming a career judgement. know that working and doing any nursing program is going to be difficult-but go for it if that is what you want.
  5. d_downer

    $200,000 to travel to Iraq

    I went to the airforce right out of high school and at my 3 year mark or so, I seriously thought of cross training into sat ops or EOD. I am glad I didn't now. :) But I had always wanted to be as close to the hot spots as I could get, but in the back of my mind, I thought I may not like it as much as I thought I would down the road. I decided to get out at my 4 year mark and have no desire to be in the hot spots now...I agree that the money isn't worth it if you don't get to come back and enjoy it. Thanks so much! dd
  6. d_downer

    $200,000 to travel to Iraq

    Thank you soo much for the information! It's really going to help me out. I really appreciate it. I am definately not ex-combat ready, though at the time I would have been if I could have. Now though, I think I would like to keep myself in as many working pieces as possible.
  7. d_downer

    $200,000 to travel to Iraq

    I was wondering how you decide what jobs to take? Is this salary of approx 100K a year typical of travel nursing? I am going to graduate soon and want to become a travel nurse (once I have some experience of course) and am curious. Also, how often are you working to make this money? Thanks! dd