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  1. frUABgrad

    Can the NP assist in surgery?

    I graduate on Saturday from UAB's ACNP/RNFA program. No OR experienced required, you get plenty of that during your clinical rotations.
  2. frUABgrad

    Billing For Nurse Practitioner Services

  3. frUABgrad

    Surgical first assist as NP?

    thanks I am PMing you now
  4. frUABgrad

    Scary reading doctor forums about NPs...

  5. frUABgrad

    RNFA, NP, or both?

    good info
  6. frUABgrad

    Acute Care NP

    : ) : )
  7. frUABgrad

    Surgical first assist as NP?

    good info but does the Medicare info apply to any state?
  8. frUABgrad

    Any UAB NP students/graduates?

    I think UABs program is far superior to USAs and I got my BSN from USA....
  9. frUABgrad

    NP's in the ER

    I am also wondering about this....
  10. frUABgrad

    NP VS. PA salary

    good info thanks!
  11. frUABgrad

    ACNP/RNFA Dual role

    your are welcome
  12. frUABgrad

    Billing For Nurse Practitioner Services

    David, I am trying to find info that tells exactly what Medicare and other private insurances reimburse for ACNPs in the office, hospital and assisting in the OR. Do you have any resources for this? Could you also send me a PM so I could ask you some other questions? Thanks!
  13. frUABgrad

    Any UAB NP students/graduates?

    This is a MASTERS OF NURSING program at a very good school. I don't understand why people think this would be easy. I took the same class you refered to and had no problem at all with the group projects and I don't live near b'ham. Matter of fact most of my group members were from Ark. and Co. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices if you really want to obtain success. Why wouldn't you need books? Sounds like you didn't research the program much. I am not trying to be mean I just don't want other people thinking the wrong thing about the program.
  14. frUABgrad

    Any UAB NP students/graduates?

    I have a BSN from USA and are currently attending UAB for their ACNP/RNFA program. I don't understand what you guys mean by "not having a life" once you become an ACNP. Just because you have an acute care NP degree does not mean you will only be working in hospitals doing shift work the rest of you career. When I graduate I don't plan on working direct for a hospital. Where ever you work following graduation you run the risk of working long hours and taking call. As far as the question concerning UABs program, it is great. I am in my 3rd semester and have no complaints.