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  1. mayb2morrow

    Support Kaci Hickox

    It is part of our job as nurses, in my humble opinion, to help put fears to rest. This is a horrific frightening disease that we know little about. She should stop acting like a baby and use the quarantine time to reflect, rest, exercise and just "be". On the other hand, if it is affecting her financially, the nursing community, her employer, our government, should compensate her for the forced (but needed) quarantine. Why take a chance...(like the doctor did). This is far far worse than the flu in so many ways.
  2. mayb2morrow

    RN wants to help fight Ebola

    Hello, I have a question for the Infectious control nurses. I am currently working as a Hospice RN and visit people in their homes. However, I feel compelled to try to go to West Africa to help in the fight against Ebola. I am older and not trained in infectious control but am willing to learn all I can. My question is would I be a help or a hindrance? I know nurses are needed and I would rather put my older life on the line and maybe spare someone with their whole life ahead of them... I appreciate any insight this community can give. Thank you.