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  1. SoNowWhat

    kckcc any positive feedback???

    I am in the KCKCC program and I've found the instructors and the faculty to be warm, caring and compassionate. It's difficult to get your foot in the door, but that is true of any nursing program that is worth anything. I think that nursing in general requires a "never give up" attitude and that attitude will serve you well no matter what program you're in. I've found it comforting to remember that my instructors could be making a lot more money if they were working in a hospital setting. Knowing that they're passionate about educating future generations of nurses has been enough fuel to keep me going strong. Best of luck to all of you, no matter what program you're in. The fact that you're seeking answers and helping others along with this site shows your "never give up" attitude!
  2. Hi everyone. Did you hear from Concordia? I got my packet last week and I'm looking forward to meeting other students who are in the Jan 2010 class. Still praying for you all! Sandy
  3. Everydayprayer, Hi again. I just saw your message from the 25th...I'm so sorry I didn't see it before! Yes, we probably saw each other. I was in group three. Which group were you in? Of course I'd like to join you in praying for God's direction for all of those who interviewed. He knows who will be accepted, and he has a plan for each of us. :-)
  4. Hi everydayprayer. Nothing yet, but still praying! How about you? Have you heard anything? Best of luck to you! Diverdown951
  5. Hi Luckykim. Thanks so much for your advice. The interviews went great!
  6. Hi alizard. I received an e-mail from Concordia last week. I'm in the Thursday interview session. I don't know how many applied for the January session...I'm sorry!
  7. Hi eclaire. Thanks for your post about Concordia. Are you still in the program? Still enjoying it? I've applied for the January 2010 cohort and just found out that I have an interview next week. Can you offer any advice about the interview process? How many of those interviewed will make it into the program? Thanks so much for your time!