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  1. sunnyaria

    are online MSN programs respected?

    I am considering Western Governor's University for an MSN. Does anyone have any thoughts about this school? It sounds good, and it is accredited.
  2. sunnyaria

    Perioperative Bullying Reduces Nurses' Effectiveness

    Yes, what you say is true. Weak managers often do look the other way, and yes the victim may get the blame. The issue of workplace violence (interpersonal) is being investigate by OSHA, The Joint Commission, the ANA, the APNA, the Workplace Violence Research Group,and the FBI, to name a few. That tells me that it's time to put on you big girl (or boy) panties, and kick up some sand! Heck, if you're being victimize, document it, and go to human resources. Get an attorney or call your state nurses association. Nursing has been a predominantly feminine, and subordinate profession. We have given up our seats to "the doctor", had instruments thrown at us, we've been belittled in front of our coworkers. If that's not bad enough, we've turned against each other for popularity and crumbs of approval from "the doctors". This behavior is that of disenfranchised, subordinates. This is not the way professionals behave. If we remain complacent because we don't think things can change, then we are defeating ourselves. Sunnyaria
  3. sunnyaria

    Perioperative Bullying Reduces Nurses' Effectiveness

    I have been researching lateral and horizontal violence in the OR. For so many years, I have experienced the sabotage and mean-spirited antics of co-workers. So many times I have heard, " It's just the way she is. Don't take personally." I've also been told that I'm too nice(therefore, it's MY fault). Well, I am so happy that finally this issue is coming into the limelight and exposed for what it is: Institutionalized BULLYING. This problem is being addressed by many agencies, including the ANA, Joint Commission, APNA, and the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime. I have seen nurses cope with difficult doctor's by flirting, "spoiling"them, cowering, crying, and feeling nervous and sick all the time. Lateral violence is just as bad, if not worse. Co-workers setting one another up to look bad, sabotage, withholding information, back-biting, spreading unkind rumors and untruthful information. The new employee gets a hazing session by being "frozen out" by the insiders. Yes, it has finally been identified for what it is. I urge all nurses who feel victimized by their co-workers to speak up. Your employer is legally bound to provide you with a safe work environment, free from threats and harassment. The bullies are the problem, not you.