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  1. JKidzMom

    AANP Certification for the Government

    Look on USAJOBS.GOV and see what the qualifications are for their nurse practitioners in your area.
  2. Jfitton, I start the program on Wednesday. I will take any advice you can give. I am taking physiology and biostatistics. How are the classes?? Do they have tests or do you do a lot of reports. The physiology class pretty overwhelming. Tell me EVERYTHING!!!! HA HA Thanks for the heads up! Jkidz mom
  3. JKidzMom

    so i cried at work

    First of all, take a deep breath. You are going to do fine! In a few years, you'll be the one everyone comes to for advice and help. I have been a nurse for 22 years and when I look back at some of the crazy stuff I have done or said....I actually laugh now. Don't get me wrong, you will still have bad days and patients that drive you crazy and managers that drive u crazy, but you will be better prepared to handle it. My only suggestion is for you to make yourself your OWN report sheet. Have a section with pt.s name, age, diagnosis, PMH, allergies, diet, IV's, wounds, weight, ect etc....any special porcedure. Then have a section for the report you recieved and then have YOUR section for the report you are going to give then next shift. Their updated diagnosis, what procedures, labs, tests they had and WHAT WERE THE RESULTS?? i WANT TO KNOW their vitals, assessment, issues, how do their wounds or incisions look, etc. Make it concise, to the point-and yet informative. Second, make your report sheet almost like a plan of care. While you are getting report, figure out in your mind how you are going to plan your day, who ur sickest pts are and what needs to be done based on their dx. Next, get a hobby....go out, have fun. Dont let nursing be the center of ur world. it will never work. Love ur life and u'll love ur job again.
  4. JKidzMom

    Done, can anyone relate and share?

    You didnt say if you were married with kids or not, but what about being a nurse on a cruise ship?? They LOVE ICU nurses and you get free airfare to the ship, room, board and food while you work. Pay of course and a really SWEET way to travel the world. You can decide where YOU want to go and when. Ususally your co-worders split up the day so everyone works and everyone plays, so it seems like fun. I guess the doctors are nice too, because they are doing something they want to be doing as well. And hopefully, the only think you will have to deal with is motion sickness and sunburn. ha ha If I were single and free-this is EXACTLY what I would do. I have been a nurse for 23 years and I am MORE then done, but I put a smile on my face and do it for my family.
  5. Ntatasha, I'm sooooo sorry!! I wish you the best of luck. You will do great.
  6. Me too!! Keep me updated and I will do the same for you!
  7. StarKitten, just wondering how everything is going with school?? Any suggestions or recommendations??
  8. Just wondering if you heard anything yet??? I turned in my application on the same day that you did and still haven't heard anything. My adviser told me approx 6 weeks too.
  9. Lisa, I think I will be in the fall semester with you. Let me know if you have heard anything new (and i will do the same for you). What state are you in? I'm in Ohio. Looking forward (but nervous) to get started.
  10. Congrats!!! I haven't heard anything yet, but I hope to be starting soon!! Keep in touch and let us know how it is going!!
  11. Does anyone have any new updates???
  12. Congrats!!!! How long did it take to find out you were accepted from the time of application?? I hope we can keep in touch. I think it its important to have moral support when you are doing online classes. Best of luck!
  13. JKidzMom

    Effectively Managing Your Case Load

    This was GREAT advice!!! Thank you so much!!
  14. I have also applied to the FNP online program at UOC. I hope everyone can keep in touch for moral support!! How is everyone doing in the program so far??
  15. JKidzMom

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in NICU Parents

    I am so glad this study was done! I am the mother of a preemie as well. My daughter was born 4 weeks early via emergency c-section. It was the most traumatic thing I have ever went through. Not only was I a ICU nurse at the time, but I worked in the same hospital that I delivered her at. I had a really hard time going back to work and had horriable memories of what happened. After my c-section, I could not see or hold my daughter (I had an epidural), I could not enjoy the "joy" that comes with having a baby. I was hormonal. I had to see my daughter with an IV in her scalp, vent, NG tube, bili lights, etc. She didn't get her newborn pictures taken because she was in too much distress, her brothers couldn't visit her, and all those other things that make having a baby so special. I was so scared. I had never seen a baby breath 90 times a minute. I was in a huge post partum room and could see and hear other parents with their newborns. I heard their families visiting and rejoicing in their little miracle, while I was alone. The NICU nurses "assumed" I knew what was going on and I was "OK" because I was an ICU nurse-but I was far from it. Maybe too much knowledge can be a bad thing sometimes?? When my daughter was finally able to come home, I held her constantly!! I never let her go or let anyone hold her. She even slept with me (and still does). It was really unhealthy now that I look back. I wish I had more support and understanding on what was going on.