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  1. kwitraLPN

    Kaplan overall qbank score

    hey, i took kaplan Qbank and I scored like 50% and I am just freaking out, I am taking my board tomorrow. I regret spending 129$ on kaplan. I am using Qbank of petersons they give u access to 900 questions for $25. i mean they are deep questions, they make u think and i dont get mad when i get a question wrong because they really explain deeply why my answer is wrong and why their answer right, not like kaplan who give u a one sentence explanation. wish me luck i am terrified :heartbeat
  2. kwitraLPN

    Took my NCLEX-PN for the first time today

    hey, i am so scared of this exam. there are so many words i dont understand,.... i am praying to God that I will pass this one. so many of my classmates already passed the nclex pn, imagine me being the loser in the class,..... uhhh GOD its like nursing school is not enought we have to take another exam,... anyways I ve been using kaplan,... some questions dont make sense to me,.. but oh well we will see i will keep you posted,... pray for me i am taking as many prayers as i can,...:redbeathe
  3. kwitraLPN

    My Kaplan PN q-bank scores

    hi, I bought kaplan Q bank andsome of the questions dont make sense to me. like telling a client to stop using a medication until u can locate their MD. we were taught to never give orders like these as lpns..... anways im taking nclex PN in 3 days and i am so scared,.... ive never been lucky with major exams like these. wish me good luck, oh yeah ive been scoring horrible 40% how embarrassing
  4. kwitraLPN


    Hi Brandi, i know how you feel, I have issues with test taking and i pick the wrong answers all the times, even though i know the material. check this web site out it will help you refresh your memory okey, and remember the longer you wait, the smaller your chances get of passing. i graduated in may and Iam preparing for my nclex in august and i cant tell you how many thing i already forgot. one of my classmates took the nclex after one week of graduation and he passed and believe me he didnt prepare for it, everyhting was still fresh in his head. the web site is this. read the complete review okey: http://www.scribd.com/doc/15603839/NCLEXPN-Complete-Review if you need some support we can help each other. god bless and good luck
  5. kwitraLPN

    Took my NCLEX-PN for the first time today

    hey, I m going to say extra prayers for you. I wish all the best. keep me posted okey! Best of luck:yeah:
  6. kwitraLPN

    Took my NCLEX-PN for the first time today

    hey guys, I am taking my nclex PN august 7th and I am freaking out. English is my 3rd language and I find a lot of diseases that I dont know anything,.... and dont get me started on the pharmacology questions. my school offered it online so I suck in it ;-((((( help me I feel like I am not going to pass this damn exam.

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