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  1. Hey Mandy 11, I was just curious where you were doing your clinicals at for Barry?
  2. serenitynow23

    UNE/St.Joes, Barry Uni, Wolford college. Which school is the best?

    srna123456, Are you currently at Wolford or Barry? If your at Wolford why would you say Barry? What semester are you in?
  3. serenitynow23

    UNE/St.Joes, Barry Uni, Wolford college. Which school is the best?

    How do you know what their attrition rate is? Have you spoken to the school directly?
  4. serenitynow23

    Duke Interview

    I have my interview on the 29th. Does anybody know what the interview is like? They told me to be there at 0730 and expect to stay until 430.
  5. I am lucky enough to have been accepted to all three school and I am having a tough time deciding which one. Please give me some advice on the following schools. If anybody that has attended these schools, please respond.
  6. I have been accepted to all three and I am having a tough decision on deciding which one? Please any insight would help. Any current students please give some advice.
  7. I interview at St. Joesph's in a couple days and would like a few pointers about the interview? How do you feel about your clinical sites with St. Joesph? I have been accepted into another program but I have I get into UNE/St. Joesphs I feel it would be a better choice. Please give me some insight.
  8. serenitynow23

    Any other alternates at UNE?

    Hey TraumaSICU I interview in a week at UNE/St. Joes program. What was the interview like and what do you think about the program?
  9. serenitynow23

    Wolford College

    I was wondering if anybody had insight to which clinical site is best for Wolford college. Tampa or Naples?
  10. I am thinking about applying to St. Joesph's Hospital school of anesthesia in Rhode Island and was wondering if anybody could give me some information about it? The pros and cons of the program? Any information would be helpful.