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  1. micho123

    Should I stay or should I go??

    Hello dRN1, Yes, in my clinic techs (PCT's) do push heparin. This of course is permitted after the medical director approves it and is in the P&P (it also depends on the state you practice in). At first I was shocked that PCT's were able to do this, but if you think about it, it would be impossible to do it yourself. My clinic has 60 patients per day and only 2 RN's (that does not include CVC which only RN's can touch about 30 out of 60 pt's) so you can see if we were the only one's giving the heparins how hard it would be. "Reuse kidneys" are called dialyzers and depending on the company you work for they many or many not have a reuse program (this is were they reuse the dialyzers). Remember if working for Davita you will have a reuse program but if working for Fresenius or DSI then you will not be reusing dialyzers they only use "dry packs" or single use dialyzers. Getting the dialyzer mixed up is very dangerous, it's like giving the "wrong medication" to the wrong patient, we use "double checks" to verify that the dialyzer belongs to the right patient. Two PCT's must sign the dialyzer before starting tx this is to verifies that the dialyzer belongs to it's owner. Hope this helps!!!!
  2. micho123

    Should I stay or should I go??

    Hello, I've been working for Davita for 3yrs now and I really like my job. As a new dialysis nurse getting started at 25/hr is really good I got started at 23/hr with no experience. In regards to the work hours I average 50/week working 4 days. And as for not working major holidays that is correct! What we do in our clinic if a particular holiday say lands on a Thursday we dialyse the patients on Sun. that way staff and pt's are off that Thurs. Remember dialysis pt's either dialyse MWF or TTS. I think you should go for it!!!!