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    Hey I felt your pain the first time I took the exam and failed. I was one of the top students in my graduating class and the one of three who failed the nclex. makes no sense lol.. The most important advice I can give you is to "SLOW DOWN". you have everything it takes to answer the questions right but your anxiety and stress take over that day and your mind shuts down. The first time i took it i was on two coffees, an energy drink and no breakfast, I remembered nothing walking out of the center it was that bad. I could barely get past the tutorial screens lol. Also i scheduled it at 8 am which was also a bad move because i didn't sleep until 3 and had to be up at 6 lol. Now for what I am telling you needs to be done for you to pass is the following. Schedule the exam in the afternoon, dont drink too much caffeine maybe one coffee and eat a granola bar or suck on candy in the morning ( i was to nauseous to eat so i had candy) and deep breathe, pray, or whatever relaxes you when you are getting anxious. During the exam GO SLOW. analyze every question especially the first 75 and the last 20 if you are getting close to 265. Dont panic! if you think your panicking stop close your eyes, breathe, talk to yourself, pray. Then open and continue. Remember you are going to get probably 50 percent wrong! its just to get past the easier questions is whats important and you can do that if you have a clear mind! I studied the kaplans book the first time and the strategies were good and are important but the content i found was not thorough. For the second time i did the mosbys CD by category I studied first all the questions in each category (i.e cardio,resp, etc) then did the quiz's and exams. It really boosted my confidence and helped me relax. Don't do anything in books. get comfortable on the computer.
  2. scarface87

    WCCCD Fall 2009

    Hey does anyone have information about the drug screen? Do we do it ourselves or do they do it?
  3. scarface87

    WCCCD Fall 2009

    hey guys finally got my letter and its a happy one lol!!!! let the drinking begin
  4. scarface87

    WCCCD Fall 2009

    For those who got in what were your gpa's? Im still waiting on a letter and am wondering if my 3.5 will hold up. Need some stress relief lol
  5. scarface87

    WCCCD Fall 2009

    Wow thats awsome we are almost identical lol! ive taken all pre and co reqs at WC3 with a 3.5 overall, 77 on reading comprehension 78 composite and had 1 medical reference. The reason i was worried is my gpa. My friend got his letter yesterday and got accepted with a 3.6. Now that i know a 3.5 got in im pretty confident.. Thanks for the quick reply
  6. scarface87

    WCCCD Fall 2009

    Hey everyone! I live in canada and wont get my letter for another 4-6 days. For those who got in can u let me know what your gpa and other info is. I am on my last nerve and cant last another day!

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