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  1. winningguy

    help needed for my report/assignment

    Thanks everyone. sorry i wasn't specific as to what type of institution this applies to. I can see it might be different if it is a hospital or a nursing home. it is a report we are asked to do for school to check if we know who to approach in the event we want changes to happen which is why they probably did not specify the type of institution. as graduating students they want us to have an idea of the chain of command and who to approach in such a situation. although your answers varies at least I have some clues where to start. thanks.:)
  2. winningguy

    help needed for my report/assignment

    hi, I was given an assignment. I need to find out who in the hospital should we approach regarding any proposal to change the hospital policies on how frequent patients should be cleaned up (bathing/ checked for urine/bowel movement on patients who are bedbound and on diapers/pad). thank you