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  1. nustick

    Death of special patient

    Roy Your Ms. S makes me think of my special ones too. Isn't it true that the patients can touch you and change you forever without even trying. K made me value my youth and health, M made me value my family and my love for life, G made me value the ability to make the best out of the worst. When I am having a bad day I think of how they handle their worst days like the beautiful spirits they are now, then I try to do what they would have done!
  2. nustick

    Death of special patient

    I believe that caring for someone throughout their death process is an honor. I am asked frequently in oncology/hospice, how do you not get depressed? I know that I have been given the honor of spending the someone's last few days alive. In that time I have learned the most beautiful life lessons from my dying patients. I have cried in a patients room by myself and with the patients families. I am always sad they are gone but happy they are free after they have fought so long and hard! It is true, the day you heart is not touched by your patients is the day you need to take a break from nursing. Hang in there!
  3. nustick

    Ativan for Everything?

    I work in oncology and we see ativan frequently prescribed for anxiety, ease of death (hospice patients), and reduction of nausea. I don't see it prescribed inappropriately on my floor but the oncology patients have a lot to be anxious about.