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  1. MistyRN09

    Cardiac Sheaths

    Our cath lab lets you have a day or two pulling sheaths to prepare yourself for it. Maybe ask your cath lab if you can spend a day pulling? I do not pull sheaths, although I'm on a unit where it can be done. We have a team for that.
  2. MistyRN09

    moving to dayton oh

    Since you have some experience, I assume you shouldn't have a problem finding a position in the Dayton area as an RN. Check with Kettering Medical Center (www.ketteringmedicalcenter.org), Good Sam/Miami Valley (www.goodsamdayton.org; www.miamivalleyhospital.org). There is also Hospice of Dayton. The market is tough around here, jobs are a little difficult to find if you don't have much experience, but I assume you'll be fine.
  3. MistyRN09

    New to the game...good idea?

    I feel the same way. I'm a bit nervous going into the homecare arena...I feel I should know a LOT more before I do this. But right now it's a job, and hopefully the orientation will be good :) Thank you for your honest thoughts.
  4. MistyRN09

    New to the game...good idea?

    Hello! I'm a brand new nurse, boards taken and passed just under 3 weeks ago. In my area (dayton/springfield/columbus) there are few opportunities for new grads. That being said, I need a paycheck and fast. My only job lead right now is my cousin...who owns a home health agency. I'm not crazy about doing home health as a new nurse...I feel like I just brushed the top of everything I need to know for this job. Would you seasoned HH nurses recommend I go for a position like this...or keep an eye out for other positions elsewhere? I have had one interview out of 12 applications, and that job ( ER nurse) was denied because apparently they are going to turn that position into a tech/usc job. Thanks all in advance!

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