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  1. GLL88

    Vandy Nurse Residency ?s

    Congrats to everyone that got in. I do have to say though, for any Tennessee graduates hoping to participate in the residency program...don't count on getting in. I have a BSN with a near-perfect GPA, a previous degree (for which I also had a near-perfect GPA), hundreds of clinical hours, direct experience with Vanderbilt and hundreds of hours' worth of externship experience and didn't get in. I even know a few people who currently work at Vandy as techs who didn't get in! Apparently Vanderbilt chose to hire a lot of out-of-state applicants for marketing purposes...ya know, "We have nurses from 42 different states and Puerto Rico!" or whatever. I'm glad for everyone who did get in, but it's really frustrating for in-state students who have worked their butts off to get jobs at Vanderbilt since the day they started nursing school. Getting legitimately rejected is one thing, but getting rejected when you feel like it's not fair is really hard to swallow, and I know a LOT of in-state graduates from several different schools who are struggling with that right now. In-state grads...I'm not saying don't try to get in to Vandy...definitely try. But don't do what a lot of grads did and count on getting in because of your experience/high GPA/whatever. Have a backup plan!
  2. GLL88

    Vandy Nurse Residency ?s

    congrats guys!