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  1. new employee question

    Hi NMlpn2rn congrats on ur new job..if I may ask what OTC did u appyfor?good to hear they hire new grad I'm from ocean county too..
  2. Hi, I'm kin of confused right now i'm an LPN in NJ and no job for a year already. I'm thinking about getting a home health aide certificate do u think it's possible or will i even get certified if I do take the HHA course?would appreciate some rep...
  3. Hi michelle126, i know this post is like a year old already but i'll take my chances that you'll get them or maybe someone can answer for me :) those who are nurses or finished fundamentals of nursing, did you still take the skills test?or just ...
  4. I give up!

    Really?they only hire RN with Bachelors degree? I thought an Asooc. degree or ADN would be enough so long as you have the RN license. Oh boy, I checked out Ocean County College they the LPM-RN bridge program but you need to get at least 6 months expe...
  5. I give up!

    Hi NMlpn2rn, I am also in Ocean county I actually moved hoping that with the volume of nursing homes and assisted living here one would give me a chance but oh boy.. and i think i've applied to all nursing homes and assisted livings out here all t...
  6. HELP!LPN endorseent in NJ

    Hi,el I'm new here in allnurses and i'm loving it. Everyone is very helpful. I just wanted to ask if anyone had their license endorsed here in NJ. HO long does it take?i'm reading threads from last year said it takes about 3 months?hope it changed...
  7. Endorsement...when to apply for jobs

    Hi, I just passed my endorsement application to new jersey last week. How long was the processing in your case?
  8. What if you already hold a license for lpn will there be any difference?like will the length be shortened?
  9. Hi, i'm a new grad about to move to St. petersburg..are there a lot of opportunities for LPN new grads there..?
  10. LPN new grad moving to FL

    Thanks for the advice Anyway i'm planning to move to Tampa in St. Petersburg what do you think?by the way where is Highlands county???
  11. LPN to RN online class

    I see. Did they tell you how the clinicals will go when you start the program?
  12. LPN to RN online class

    Hi feloow nurses I'm planning to take an online class from LPN to RN program. Has anyone tried doing that or can you give me some input about it. Will really appreciate your smart inputs :) THANKS!
  13. LPN new grad moving to FL

    Nursing homes and home health is just fine cause i'm still starting I just want to have as much experience as I can get. I want to do baby steps first cause I know its really hard to get into the hospital. Where in Florida are u?
  14. 9 month LPN- RN Bridge Programs in Atlanta GA

    Hi, Was wondering if you could tell me the name of the school. I'm also in chicago been really looking for schools that offer bridge program. Would really appreciate your reply please
  15. LPN new grad moving to FL

    Hi fellow Nurses I'm a new grad and will be moving to Florida. Do you know what part of FL is opening some opportunities for new grads?