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  1. msctdrac

    is online ADN to BSN program difficult?

    I am currently in an online BSN program through Kaplan University. I am working full time and have home responsibilities as well. The most I had to take at one time was 2 classes and depending on which 2 they were, the work load was either easily manageable or barely manageable. Sometimes, with even one class the writing requirements were hard to keep up with. I have one class left and expect to graduate in April 2010, I am glad to be almost finished. I wish you the best of luck with your educational goals.:)
  2. msctdrac

    Research ideas

    Hello all, I have just started a nursing research class and am supposed to pick a topic of study for the next ten weeks. I work in CCU where a majority of the patients are post cath lab and open heart patients. I am looking for any suggestions for a topic I could research . I am new to research and would appreciate any ideas that i could realistically complete in ten weeks. Thank you.