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  1. Way to go ijarache your story is very inspiring makes us nurses wants to strive harder to reach our goals. I hope I will have the same luck as yours, you see my employer in Australia is sponsoring me and they told me that I will be getting a visa subclass 457 as of now I'm in the process of completing all my requirements but unfortunately things are becoming hard there to process the application all by myself due the recession that has been happening all over the world so what my employer did was they get a migration lawyer who specializes in getting nurses for them to be able to push through with our application. But I already pass every exam that they ask me to get like the IELTS which i got a total bandscore of 7 and the first 3units for the aged care cert3. As of now things are working out well for me but I have a problem I have a mild scoliosis and hyperthyroidism both are stable. do you think that could be a hindrance for my application there? Hoping that you will get back to me soon ijarache I really need your opinion about this and what I should do on this matter. thanks and have a good day.:spin:
  2. chescarn_phils

    NEED HELP. Medical Issues of a nurse

    Buttercup99 thank you for the reply I really do appreciate that you take time in reading my question. I already pass the IELTS exam and got 7 as my total bandscore so I'm in a very good position right now the only thing that worries me is the health part because those things does not really bother me but I am afraid that it might cause a problem. And yes I am considering to pursue a study to become a registered nurse in Australia but that is after i finished the certificate 3 program that my employer wanted me to take.
  3. chescarn_phils

    NEED HELP. Medical Issues of a nurse

    Hi good day to all of you guys. I hope you would take the time to read this entry to give me an idea on my case. I am a registered nurse here in the Philippines and had applied for a aged carer in Australia as of now my employer asked me to undergo a training for certificate 3 aged care which I will be undergoing soon. But my problem is that I have scoliosis and hyperthyroidism but both in a stable condition, in fact the last blood test for the last few months my hormone levels is already normal and I'm not even taking any medicine for it. do you think that will be a hindrance in my application for the a working visa in Australia? looking forward for your answers thank