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  1. moffatt1

    Hyperthermia/urinary system

    Help, I am doing a case study for pathophysiology and I am stuck and cannot find any information on hypertermia and how it affects the urinary system. I have looked everywhere and have had no luck!
  2. moffatt1

    HESI exam

    Sand_Dollar-I ordered the Evolve Reach HESI online. When I met with kelly she was all out of the study guides so I am glad I ordered it when I did. I will let you know how it goes on friday.
  3. moffatt1

    HESI exam

    Thanks for the info. I ordered my book online. I am glad I did cause when I met with Kelly she was all out of the study guides. Yeah some of the problems in the book are harder then what your actually studying. I was also wanting to start in October but it is full so I will be starting in january. Which is good because I can take a couple of classes and get them out of the way. Good luck on Friday! Heather
  4. moffatt1

    HESI exam

    I will also be taking it on friday at Denver School of Nursing! I have been studying for about 2 weeks now and I was just curious how the test was. How did your friend do at the math part? did she say if there were alot of word problems? Heather
  5. moffatt1

    HESI exam

    I will be getting my ASN. Thank you for the helpful information.
  6. moffatt1

    HESI exam

    Hi, I will hopefully be starting at denver school of nursing in Jan. I was wondering if anyone has taken the HESI exam? I wanted to know how the test is, is it hard, or just basic stuff. I know it has math, grammer, reading, vocab. And I have been studying like crazy. Thanks Heather:spin: