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    Muslim Male (Student) Nurses? Any out there?

    brother, i'll be applying next year after i get my BS in bio. shoulda seen the look on my mother's face when i first told her i wanted to be a nurse lol. my culture pretty much sees nurses as a predominately female position. she always said that i should be a doctor or an engineer, but when you are choosing your career you should follow your heart. it was mostly my mom that cared about the whole male nursing thing. my dad thinks its cool
  2. I graduate with my first BS next may from UNM. It's a BS in biology. Because its my first BS and I dropped the ball initially, my GPA is around 2.9. I just need A&P2 and then I'll have all the prereqs done with the second degree accelerated program option. I plan on applying for UNM's program, NMSU's program and then looking around for a BSN program in Colorado and possibly Arizona. I doubt I can get into UNM's program right away because of my lowish GPA. Any ideas?