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  1. claredom

    Any Jan 2010 UIC GEP Applicants Out There?

    I applied for the Mental Health Nurse Practitioner specialty. I got word that the enrollment fee of $100 is due May 13th. joy. time to worry about money! I'm taking the Anatomy/Physiology pre-req at Harold Washington downtown this summer and fall. Are any others who read this taking 226 and 227 there? It would be nice to know someone in the class!
  2. claredom

    Any Jan 2010 UIC GEP Applicants Out There?

    Hey Folks - anyone else a little concerned about Chris Ocampo's qualification on the admission - "As a side note, the Graduate College at UIC oversees ALL the graduate programs within the university. The College of Nursing recommends admits / denies and the Graduate College will approve them. However, they usually follow our recommendations and I do not see any reason why they would not in this case. The only time there is a red flag is if your GPA is very low, low test scores, etc. The official UIC Graduate College admit letter and packet will be mailed to your home within a few weeks. " This makes me a little nervous still. I guess I just need to relax. Should we start another thread to discuss tuition and financial aid? That's the first priority for me, I'm nervous! Congratulations to everyone who got in, and good luck if you're still looking for a program! I can't wait to meet folks and just get STARTED!