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    Umdnj,acceptance,fall 2009

    Hi oldfashionedlove! I actually applied for the summer and got in SO under the wire that I had to defer until the fall. So we'll be there together!! I drove in to give my deposit last week, and the neighborhood is a little "unsavory" (granted I'm from Monmouth County), but I met the asst. Dean on my first day to get the paperwork signed. I overheard a convo that from the summer they had 26 deposits and about 15 floating acceptances... so these classes are going to be much smaller than I thought. I guess everybody does everything together??? If that's the case, I guess we're gonna be getting pretty close. I think it's a tough schedule... like 8-5 every day or along those lines. Hoping taking mass transit in from the east side of Newark is better than driving through the west side. Yeesh. Talk to you soon!!!