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Psych/CD, Hospice, Triage, Med Surg, OB
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nursebboop1 has 28 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Psych/CD, Hospice, Triage, Med Surg, OB.

Licensed nurse since 1981

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  1. Work from home

    I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease 12/08 and would love to start working from home. Have you found anything as yet?
  2. This year I turned 6o. As a nurse of 28 years I learned last December that I knew very little about Parkinson's Disease but was about to learn more. On 12/5/2008 I received the diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease after seeking a diagnosis for sympto...
  3. Disabled, Retired Inactive RN want to work from home

    Where did you start re: the transcription--is it more lucrative than coding or billing? What were your typing skills before you got into this. I'm 60 and want to transition to something from home. Your help is appreciated.
  4. Horrible Death - What could I have done better?

    I was a hospice nurse for ten years. You truly did all you could have done. I cannot think of one thing I would have done that you didn't try. You did your best.
  5. Tampa RN wanting to work from home

    I am looking for job opportunities in Tampa, Fl , to work from home with minimal outside of the home. I work as a 0.8 in Psych currently. I am slowly transitioning to retirement, burt look forward to continue to work at something from home. Backg...
  6. An Honor

    I began my practice as a hospice RN in 1996. At that time the facility was seated in a pocket of the Midwest where "hospice" was not often spoken. I worked for a small hospice that had a census of eight (yes, you read that right-more staff than patie...
  7. I'm new. I have a story I want to submit to the contest. What are the steps to submit it???--only have 3 days left. Thanks