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  1. Hi, in case you would change your mind and instead try cooler Victoria, you may want to try applying in The Alfred here in Melbourne. I believe they are currently recruiting for Critical Care Nurses in ED. Good luck! :)
  2. kooleat

    Hiring nurses in Philippines

    the guy who interviewed me said that they've just stopped it for now because there are already a lot of applications and they are currently understaffed to go through those applications submitted, as they are just starting up. he said that they will open it again once they have processed the previous applications.. so if you're just nearby just keep yourself updated, anyways, you would notice the progress of the hospital's construction. don't ever lose hope..
  3. kooleat

    Hiring nurses in Philippines

    thanks arvicharlie, no problems, you've helped me a lot already! :) good luck to all of us....
  4. kooleat

    medical exam for basic life support

    I'm not sure how it goes these days, but last year, there were no labs, just the routine physical assessment. They just want to make sure that you're fit to undergo the training, lift weights, not pregnant etc. You may want to call your local red cross chapter if they have a medical doctor on duty, because sometimes their in house doctor can provide you with the medical certificate.
  5. kooleat

    Cheapest NCLEX Review Center in Manila?

    Try to inquire from SRG (beside PRC), I think before it was 15k for a 4 month everyday review. I reviewed with Miami, it was the cheapest during that time at 11k but I'm not really sure how much they charge now. I suggest that whichever review center you choose, you have to do your share.. you have to really read and understand it will definitely help you hurdle your NCLEX. Goodluck! :)
  6. kooleat

    Hiring nurses in Philippines

    Thanks arvicharlie, they won't let me submit my application anymore because they stopped entertaining nurse applicants effective yesterday... but I "begged for mercy" since I came a looong way... the guy who probably interviewed you heard my plea and gave me the chance to submit my credentials and asked me a few questions and it was late that I've realized that I'm already being interviewed... I really don't know if it went well, but as the cliche goes, they have my number and they'll just call... It's embarassing but I wouldn't waste my 500 bucks of fare without at least handing them over my resume, I don't know if its a plus or a minus point... but I desperately need my 500 pesos to be worth it.
  7. kooleat

    Philippine Nurses Association (PNA)

    :chuckle I can't help but laugh at the cartolina part... yes that cartolina ID is very costly 400, but if you like the plastic type.. you can add a 100 bucks.. still is very costly! I wish the leaders of the PNA would hear our concerns...
  8. kooleat

    Philippine Nurses Association (PNA)

    One of the benefits that PNA offers is legal assistance to those nurses that have legal cases. It's ironic though that nurses wouldn't be able to get into legal trouble (nursing job related) if they are not employed at all. It's a pity that being the organization that should be taking care of nurses, it seems that they don't think of measures that will make the lives of neophyte nurses bearable. I suggest that instead of collecting a 400 peso annual membership fee, they should categorize it between the employed and unemployed. Knowing that most hospitals require PNA membership, they could make the jobless nurses' expenses more manageable by at least lowering down their fees to a reasonable level, as these nurses don't have a choice but to become a member in the hope that it would aid them in their job hunting. One more thing, please correct me if I'm wrong, if you became a member by let's say August 2009, should it expire by August 2010 and not December 2009? Otherwise, they should prorate the membership fee. PNA please take care of us nurses, as you are our colleagues and you should feel the crisis we are in right now. We'll always be proud to be part of the prestigious organization as you are, but please let us feel that it's worth it, especially that you have plans of putting up a party list for nurses. The money you are collecting from neophyte nurses and how much you are returning to them in terms of value is a reflection on how you would manage the resources including the power that you may have once the nursing related partylist is a reality. So better start small and prove your worth.
  9. kooleat

    Hiring nurses in Philippines

    @arvicharlie What route should I ride/take or can you give me directions if I'm coming from Gordon's hospital? I'm not really from Olongapo but Gordon's Hospital is the landmark I'm most familiar with. Please advise. Thanks. :)
  10. kooleat

    Questions about board examination and review

    Wow 32000 is a large amount of money! But as gambutrol said, 16000 could be the review fee if your friend opted to enroll in a review center. Actually, some review centers even charged higher than that. If you also add up the daily expenses, plus board and lodging (if her review center happens to be far from her home) for approximately 3 to 4 months then I should say that the amount of money she is quoting you should cover the totality of her review expenses.
  11. kooleat

    please update the list of hospital requirments

    METROPOLITAN MEDICAL CENTER (Masangkay St., Sta. Cruz, Manila) Human Resources Department Application Letter addressed to the Nursing Service Office c/o Ms. Henedina Chua (VP for Nursing Service Division) Comprehensive Resume 1x1 & 2x2 Colored Pictures (2 pcs each) Height: Male 5'5 Female 5'3 PRC License and Board Rating Transcript of Records Diploma Certificate of Good Moral Character Certificate of Employment (if applicable) With Pleasing Personality I just like to inform you guys that before the HRD staff handed me this list, she had shown me the pile of boxes containing applications from as far as last year that they haven't processed yet as they are still on freeze hiring. However, it will still be our option if we would want to submit them for manpower pooling and they would be glad to receive and put them on file. Perhaps, they'll be needing additional boxes for us... :)
  12. kooleat

    where can i find QMMC?

    no prob kame12. Goodluck! :)
  13. kooleat

    PEG Insertion.....HELP!!!!

    try inquiring at PGH
  14. kooleat

    Manila east medical center, Taytay Rizal

    One requirement is having an IVT license. I tried applying there last year but did not pursue as I didn't have IVT license at that time. Got too busy and haven't come back there yet. Just give it a try... they might still be continuously hiring but for manpooling purposes though... :)
  15. kooleat

    where can i find QMMC?

    If you're coming from the MRT (Cubao Station). Ride a jeep going to Proj 4. The jeepney terminal is near the coliseum and 711. Simply ask the driver to drop you off Labor Hospital(QMMC). If you're coming from LRT II (Katipunan Station): Ride a multi - cab (FX) bound to Cubao and ask if they will pass by JP Rizal / Katipunan. If they are, then you can simply ask them to drop you off Labor Hospital.