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  1. csslpn

    Almost graduate looking for a little advice

    Thanks so much for the advice! I think ill do exactly that!
  2. csslpn

    Littmann 3000 = 2 questions

    First can anyone recommend this? My hearing really isnt the best, and anything I can get to help would be great. A nurse i was with last week told me that it helps him alot, but I need more than just one opinion since they're so pricey. Also, does anyone know of a good alternative that might be a little less pricey? Thanks in advance!! Chris
  3. I graduate from my ADN program in about 3 weeks, and will take my NCLEX exam in July. During my semester I had a spinout in the NICU at the hospital and I just loved it. They offered me a job, but i didnt take it since i have to move to Salt Lake when schools out. Anyways, my original play was just go get a job at a hospital doing med/surg, but now I'm just stuck because i want to work at an NICU, but I still feel like it would be wise to get the med/surg experience as a base. Any suggestions or advice? Thanks very much in advance!! Chris