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    Anyone from Regis College?

    As a GM student at Regis College who is in the class that achieved the 100% NCLEX pass rate, I have to respond to this. In response to :"If a school accepts students who are "competitive, top notch" then that says a lot about the school, does it not?" Regis accepts everyone into the GM nursing program. If you educate yourself, you will find that Regis has experienced financial crisis. I know two people who were accepted into the GM program after applying two weeks before the fall semester commenced, had no GRE scores, and low GPAs from their previous course work. Don't take my word for it, please observe the student body once classes begin. Regis wants and needs your money and they know that the non serious students will fail Professional Nursing, Pharmacology, or Medical Surgical Nursing. Take a good look because you will lose 5-10 classmates in the course of the first two semesters...This is a very expensive lesson to learn! In response to: "the type of students that a program/school takes on has a LOT to do with the overall program instructors and instruction given. You can have Ivy League students, but if they aren't taught the material and concepts correctly in order to pass the exam, then the student's academic record and overall resume, no matter how great, won't matter." Before addressing this comment, please allow me to preface my response with this information: the same instructors who teach the GM students also teach the undergraduate BSN program. The BSN program at Regis College had the lowest NCLEX scores in the state of Massachusetts. I can speak on behalf of my entire class when I say that we all passed the NCLEX because we taught ourselves the concepts. Regis had nothing to do with it! If you plan on relying on the instructors and the concepts covered in class, you will not make it past Professional Nursing! If I can offer you any advice it would be: 1. Form study groups and outline each chapter in the nursing courses. The science courses were very straight forward. Do not rely on what the instructor goes over or the powerpoints presented in class. Each exam will cover 10-17 chapters, depending upon which class you are taking, and you are expected to know ALL the info in the book. 2. Invest in NCLEX study guides ASAP! These will become your best friend.. The Saunders NCLEX prep and the entire ATI series of prep books will help you tremendously! 3. Stick together as a class... You are about to embark on a very difficult and frustrating journey...The experience cannot be fully understood until you have gone through it yourself! It does not matter who finishes first...Be there for each other! There are many problems which exist within the nursing program at this school; however, I am sure that every school has their own problems. Remember, you have a degree and you know what needs to be done to achieve success. If you begin to feel discouraged, remember it is probably not you, it is more than likely the school. The faculty that you find so charming may not be as helpful by mid semester...Work hard and if you make it through spring semester, the hard part is over! My class is very approachable...If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Good luck : )