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    Hawaii Pacific University Nursing School

    I was just reading these postings about HPU and I felt that I had to add my opinion. I am a Level 5 student graduating in 3 weeks and I can honestly say that all bad comments are true. ATI's up until this semester had to be passed with a Level 2 or 3 to pass the concurring course. Example, if you fail the Med-Surg ATI three times, but have all A's in the lecture---YOU FAIL THAT COURSE!! What ridiculous BS!! They changed it this semester to where you don't have to pass the ATI's but if you do with a Level 2 or 3, you get EXTRA points added to your final grade for the course. While it is great for all the new nursing students, can you imagine the stress added to the students to pass that stupid test or not move up in the program? Btw, just graduating from HPU is gonna cost you even more $$$$. This is the greediest school ever. Just to graduate (regradless if you plan to walk) is $120. Cap & gown is another $40. If you want to participate in pinning thats another $50, plus the school will offer you THEIR pins from the nursing office, with the cheapest being another $40...don't do it, go online, the pins are as cheap as $3, but HPU will never tell you that cause they wanna milk you dry. I can sit here for days writing about the horror stories that my classmates and I have endured at HPU..but only people that are in the program would actually understand, otherwise, no one would believe me, cause the stories are that bad!!! Advice to anyone going for their nursing degree: Do not go to HPU, apply to UH, KCC, or even MCC. Seriously.