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  1. AyresNYC

    NCLEX PREP - Post Failing!

    Thank you...I wish I had your confidence!!! :)
  2. AyresNYC

    NCLEX PREP - Post Failing!

    I took my NCLEX on 2/24/09, and failed it! I was terribly suprised. I took the Kaplan Course in January and February, before taking the exam. I got a 70% on my Readiness test, and everything else was in the 60's. I felt incredibly confident. I failed. I took it first in Nashville, and I am moving to Atlanta in a week, and I have had to wait 91 days to retake (thank you GA!). It has been frustrating and painful, as my content level is very good. I have spent the last 4 weeks shelling out $1000 for private tutoring with Kaplan, and it is going well, but nothing extraordinary. I retook my first Questions Trainor yesterday and got a 72%, scoring 100% in certain sections of content. I don't know what else to do at this point, and I am starting to get that "Over it" feeling. I can retake it now as early as May 27th, but I plan to wait till the 1st week of June, as I want to get settled in a new city. Does anybody have any advice on what to do and how to motivate me? Thanks so much for any help and advice. JOHN