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  1. robrtp

    Will you work during a Pandemic?

    seems kind of cowardly to me to not. nurses will be on the front line of STOPPING the pandemic. if 30 percent of the work force just stayed home, that will be crippling to the healthcare system. what modern hospital these days does not stock plenty of PPEs to deal with a crisis like this and protect it's workers. who will stop the pandemic if the nurses won't? isn't it honorable to rise to the spirit of the challenge and do that which you are trained to do. maybe that's too cavalier, but come on. if you don't care about the people you work for and on enough to respond to them in their greatest hour of need, then maybe you are in the wrong industry. just some controversial thoughts.
  2. everyone knows FOX News isn't real news anyway, right?
  3. I can post my lecture notes on the special senses unit too if you want, or e-mail it to you. lemme know.
  4. No. It doesn't at my school.
  5. I find this video helpful in regard to the inner ear http://video.about.com/deafness/Hearing-Loss.htm it is an animation of what exactly happens when sound enters the ear. hope you find it helpful!
  6. robrtp

    Lansing Community College questions

    I just got through the nursing seminar for 2010 and the necessary point value is up to :coollook:77:coollook:. So essentially your best bet would probably have an associates degree and a 3.75-4.0 in all your necessary nursing classes. There are other combination that are just as probable, and that is only a matter of personal opinion.

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