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    Want to study nursing abroad./

    Hi! I'm a permanent resident here in U.S I'm planning to go to Philippines to study second courser nursing. I'm now a single mom and I dont want to send my son to a daycare so I can work and study at the same time. My parents are now in the Philippines and is more than willing to take care of my son while I go to school. I recently applied for the reentry permit so I can stay for 2 yrs. But my cousin who is also a nurse in the Philippines said I have to stay for 3 yrs to finish the course, 2 1/2 if I'm going to take summer class. My problem is after 2 yrs I have to go back here in the states. Should I apply again for a new reentry permit? or maybe i'll stop for one semester come back here in the states stay for couple of months then be back again in the Philippines to finish the last semester in order for me to graduate? What you guys think? By the way I've worked as a nursing assistant for 2 yrs. And now as CMA.