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  1. jedwario

    Navy Nurse Corps...has anybody heard anything?

    I just heard from my recruiter. I was approved by the board, and I am now awaiting selection.
  2. jedwario

    Navy Nurse Corps...has anybody heard anything?

    cumberland, i was wondering the same thing. please let us know if you hear anything. i am not actually a nurse; i am applying as an environmental health officer. however, we go through the same process as direct accession nurses. there are very few eho's in the navy, so there are not any message boards for us. i have been lurking around here since the beginning of the year and i want to thank everyone for the info i have been able to glean from the postings. my packet went to the board on the 15th but was not reviewed. my recruiter told me that the board eho was on leave, so it was not reviewed. i have been working at this since december 08 and i think i will pull out my hair if they tell me to wait until the next fy.