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    (VMMC)Veterans Memorial Medical Center

    hello everyone! is there anyone out there who has been trained (or knows someone who was trained) at VMMC? Can you please give me an idea if their training is worthit? What do trainees normally do in their hospital? Do they get the workload of staff nurses even if they're just trainees or are they limited to some functions? Thanks..
  2. Hi everyone! I'm a Filipino RN with less than a year hospital experience (nurse resident/trainee for 2 months and counting). I am also a second courser, finished nursing and took the NLE last June 2008 and fortunately passed it. Because of the retrogression in the States, I decided to shift my full attention in applying to Canada. I have a friend in Ontario (Scarborough) and he said he is willing to sponsor me until I get a job there as a nurse. I just emailed CNO regarding the application forms and am still waiting for the forms to arrive. Can you give me some advise on how to go about my application? Is it worthit applying in Ontario Canada? By the way, I heard from a friend of mine that she had a bad experience with BC. She applied sometime July 2008, received the assessment and was required to take exams on the 5 major subjects. She also said that she needs to pass them before she could take the CRNE. What's worse is that she needs to go to Canada to write the exam and she doesn't have any tourist visa yet. She was also told by a friend of hers that tourist visas can also be denied even if there was an authorization from the college where she applied for to take the exam. And that the only way for her not to be denied is by finding a job locally (most probably as a nurse) which is close to impossible if you don't know someone in a hospital who can back you up. Anyways, going back to my concern, I just want to get your advise on applying in Ontario. For a total newbie as an applicant, what tips can you give me? Also, I saw on the past posts of this thread that you were talking about hospital experience. Like how many years do they require for them to consider your application? If in case, I need to study there, how many years more does it require me to study? FYI, I only took the nursing course in 3 years since some of the minor subjects where credited from my non-medical related 1st course. I'm hoping for your response..