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  1. RandomRN

    mens shoes in nursing

    Thanks all for the help. Ended up with a pair of Adidas 'energy boost'. Tried them on in the store and could feel the layers of support. Should be better than my flat/no support converse. All the advice is much appreciated.
  2. RandomRN

    mens shoes in nursing

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Going to do some shopping today and see what I can't find. I may check out one of those kiosks for the inserts. Definitely related to PauperRN being tall myself... It's the reason I have always avoided clogs and big shoes that will make me even taller. Thanks so much for the advice will let you all know what I end up with!
  3. RandomRN

    mens shoes in nursing

    The other topic that discusses nursing gear suggested mostly clogs... My problem is I am a 6'4 and I am having a really hard time finding some good supporting shoes. I currently were converse all stars which provide zero support. I don't buy a lot of clothes/shoes so when I went into a shoe store and saw all the different shoes for walking/running/sneakers/etc. Any recommendations? I've been wearing my all star converse for over 2-3 years and my back, feet, and body are a mess at the end of the day. thanks gents
  4. RandomRN

    Nose sprays and a trach?

    I do pediatric home health and have never seen this before. Client has a trach and multiple orders for nose sprays (nasonex, flonase, etc) and standard updraft treatments. Dr order says 1 spray per nares. But isn't that medication wasted because the spray isn't carried throughout the nasal canal via nasal respirations? And certainly you wouldn't spray it directly in the trach. What do you guys think? Thanks for reading.
  5. RandomRN

    Keeping sharp, male nurse finding purpose in job?

    I can relate. After working full time and going through the nursing program, the only thing I wanted was a day off to relax. Graduated in Dec. 08, and now I had so much free time I dunno what to do with myself. I start up projects or hobbies but they go no where. I have considered going back for BSN, but as soon as I start looking at the requirements, and the time for graduation I just think 'forget it'. I'm like the guy above, I'm not depressed or unhappy. I'm just bored and numb feeling. I think a big part of it for me is that I spent so much time/effort getting through school and now that I'm actually done I don't know what to do with myself. I feel as though I am still 'working towards' something, but the thing is I know I'm not. I am where I am, and this is pretty much where I'll be. I dunno, does that mean I'm just burned out? Does that drive ever come back?
  6. RandomRN

    Unemployement for New Graduate

    Hey, I'll give you some of my personal feedback. I live in Orlando area and finished my RN back in December. (I was an LPN prior to that.) I job hunt 3 times a week, and apply to at least 2 positions. I have yet to have a call back or interview, just e-mails saying "You don't meet the requirements to work on our floor" or "The graduate nurse internships are very competitive and we have selected someone else for the position." I've applied to county health departments (no responses) and am considering applying at nursing homes. I am very thankful that I still have the job I got when I was an LPN. When I graduated I was bumped up to RN status, so at least I am getting experience and a paycheck while I ride out the economy. I am sure things will change near the end of this year. Otherwise I dunno what I'll do. I know my story is not very similar to yours, but I hope it at least gives you an idea. Florida is a rough place to be a new grad at the moment, but from what I understand most states are similar. Good luck.
  7. RandomRN

    Just a little venting. That's all.

    Hey ANH_RN, I'm sorry to hear things are frustrated for you right now, and it may comfort you to know everyones been there at one point or another. You mentioned about 6 months into the hospital you started feeling comfortable? Were you enjoying the job when you were comfortable? New systems are hard on everyone, but once your comfortable with it you will get back to enjoying things. Nobody enjoys not knowing how to do something. Try and target the areas you know your weak in, and do your best to get them straightened out. And always try and put your patient's first. I hope you can get through it.
  8. To explain my situation ~ I was an LPN for for a year before going back to RN school. I recently finished my RN in December 2008, and have been unable to find a job as a GN in a hospital (where I'd like to be). In my area, the two hospitals initiated hiring freezes in December due to the economy, and now currently aren't hiring graduate nurses. I have continued working in my LPN job of home health. It's a really great/rewarding/low-stress job, but it's not challenging and I can't see myself sitting in someone's house all night for the rest of my career. I decided to take a few months off (RN school was rough) and enjoy my low-stress job. I assumed that once the hiring freezes were over at the hospital I could coast into the job of my dreams. Almost half a year later, the hospitals are hiring, but not hiring graduate nurses. I have decided to have a knee surgery I've been putting off. I would be able to keep working my current job, and when I get into the hospital I won't have to worry about being on my feet all day. But now, I really need advice, or someone who knows the hospital system better than myself to help me out. If I choose to stay with my current job and delay getting a hospital position until next year is that a recipe for disaster? Will the hospitals still put you through the graduate nurse training, even if you've already been an RN for a year? My ultimate fear, is that come next year I will be ready and excited to work in the hospital, but be unable to get a job because I'm not a 'graduate nurse'. Or worse, be put into a job with no training and be unable to perform at the level that is expected of a nurse with 1 year or experience. What would you do if you were in my situation? Thanks in advance for any advice.