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  1. jmblair1

    Newly pregnant...when to tell work?

    Hi all. I just found out I am pregnant...only 5 weeks. My concern is that I work in ICU and we often have a LOT of patients that are on contact precautions (mostly C-diff, ESBL, VRE etc). I know they say not to tell your employer until you are farther along when the threat of miscarriage is less. However, is this true in the nursing profession? I know the first trimester is so important as far as baby's development and I don't know if it's safe to take contact patients? I also don't want to put myself at a greater risk for miscarriage because I'm taking care of these types of patients. So, when do I tell my employer that I'm pregnant? Does the whole contact thing not make much of a difference that I can wait till I'm further along? It wasn't a planned pregnancy either, so I'm hesitant to say something and then end up miscarrying. My other question is that I also work registry ICU. So...does anyone know how this works? Do I tell the company I do registry with that I'm pregnant and they pass on the info? Do I wait till I get to the hospital to tell them I'm pregnant (as far as restrictions go)? I know a lot of times they have assignments made out early, so I'm thinking that waiting to get to the hospital to mention something everytime I work may not be the best idea. I'm just not sure how to handle the whole registry thing being pregnant. Especially since they seem to give me all the contact, difficult patients....the joys of registry! haha. Thanks for any advice ya'll can give! : )
  2. jmblair1

    1 year ICU...ready for ER?

    I understand they're different gears, but I was just wondering if my year of ICU experience would help me in the ER. The only way to get experience in ER is to actually work in the ER, but I was more wondering if a year in ICU is enough? I don't feel like my way of thinking is too engrained from just a year to be able to switch gears into ER, but maybe I'm too optimistic?
  3. jmblair1

    1 year ICU...ready for ER?

    Hi. Just wanted some opinions, feedback or whatever. I recently interviewed for an ER position at a hospital in my area (level 2, but the busiest ER in our state). I've been working in Neuro ICU for 1 year and started there as a new grad. Just wondering if this will be sufficient experience for going into the ER? I know it's like another world and I'll have a ton to learn, but I want to make sure I'm not diving in too fast. I like ICU, but have known I've always wanted to end up in ER. Anyway, just thought it would be helpful to get some feedback on this. Thanks!