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  1. i am glad

    Could I be the only reformed misfit in nursing school?

    I think you will become a great Nurse someday, you already assessed yourself and reflected from your life's experiences, no matter what other people will say about your back ground, your history, put it aside. The most important thing is the present, its a gift, that's why it is called the present. God bless on your journey!
  2. i am glad

    Searching for the Purpose

    While entering the male ward, my attention was caught by a thin, pale boy who has a blanket all over his body, with arms wrap on his eyes. His bed sheet was messy and dirty, he is sweating (no air condition) and his skin is dry. Suddenly our instructor instructed us to choose our patient to care, I walked towards his bed and tried to converse with him, as a student nurse, I introduced my self and I got no reaction from him. I told him what my purpose and what I will be doing since I am a duty in the morning, I am excited to do morning care. Still, I got no response. I assume that he was sleeping, but then his mother arrived, I introduce my self and was asking her to check his son if he is still sleeping because he has not talked to me. She mumbled, "he is not even talking to me, I bet he will not talk to you too". I found out that he has undergone hip arthroplasty. It will not be a much burden if we are just a simple person without talent on using our feet, not just for walking. But in his case it was different. He was an athlete in school and was able to reach a national competition, in the field of Sepak Takraw (a cultural game of the Philippine, were the use of feet, legs, arms, and head is needed) and because of that game he has been a scholar in their school. He was operated a week before I encountered him. I tried to talk to him on the second time, in my heart I took pity on him, he is still young in the age of 14, but he doesn't look his age, he looks younger and in less weight. I asked him if it is ok for me to wash his face with a towel, he swayed his head for a no answer. I asked him once again if I could wash his other leg, he swayed his head. I told him, this will make you comfortable. He remains silent, still his arms, covering his eyes. He hasn't even seen me. On the third time, I said "I would do a sponge bath, without causing pain in you and this will make you comfortable, I will be starting on your face, is it ok? " He nods his head, and as I started to do my task, I took off his hand from his face and for the first time I saw his worried eyes, full of despair and denial, a face full of sadness that caught my heart. After finishing a whole body sponge bath, I asked if we could pray together. I was standing by his bed, I leaned forward, I hold his one hand, we clasp our hand together and I started to pray for him "Lord please bless this new friend of mine. Make him recover fast and remind us that everything happens for a purpose and our task is to find, what is that purpose. Help us to be a blessing to others. And make us accept the things that are unacceptable, unimaginable and unbearable. Forgive us oh Lord. amen" When I opened my eyes, I saw his eyes closed and I saw a drop of tear flowing down his cheeks and as I said goodbye, he opened his eyes and he gently touched my arm and said: "thank you, nurse".