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    LPN career path (BC) - please help! (Bit of a read)

    Thank you, it's nice to have some encouragement from someone. I talked to my boyfriend again today and he said that he's ok with me going back to school for a year if it's that important to me, so at least I'll have his support! Also, it's nice to hear that not all of you started studying nursing education straight out of highschool. Fiona59, thanks for the info regarding LPNs in BC. I emailed CLPNBC today and asked them about the future of LPN education in BC. I am aware that working as a nurse is physically demanding, but I am an active person and I do not enjoy my sedentary desk job. I wish I could go back to school for my BSN, but that would not be fair to my boyfriend since we live together and need to share expenses .. life is not cheap in BC! I'll have to go the LPN route and hopefully upgrade to RN in the future.
  2. Hi, I am a new member and this is my first post! First of all I want to apologize for this being a bit of a read, but I can't find anyone that's willing to discuss this matter seriously with me and I hope you can help me with some advice. I've wanted to go into healthcare since I was in kindergarten. I used to be sick a lot when I was a child and had a retired nurse take care of me during those times. She was an angel and it is due to her that I decided to become a nurse. My family was opposed to this from the beginning. They all worked in corporate management positions and couldn't conceive anything else for me. In highschool I brought this up again and wanted to take science and biology however my parents refused to sign my course selection sheet since they didn't want me to have the option to apply for anything else other than business school. They also threatened to stop supporting me if I decided to apply to a different program than the one they wanted me to apply for. I am not blaming them, I should have been stronger, but I was very young at the time and very close to my family. They wanted me to have a comfortable 9-5, Monday to Friday job. During university I was not interested in my classes, but managed to do fairly well. I wanted to change my degreee twice, but each time I was convinced otherwise by family interventions. I graduated with a 4 year Management Studies BA, but due to my lack of eperience and competitive job market I was not able to find anything other than low-paying admin type jobs. I absolutely hate paperwork and sitting at a desk all day. I have no passion or interest when it comes to this type of work, and I am depressed most of the time and not excited about my future. I have recently thought about changing my line of work and getting my LPN certificate in BC. However, I am almost 28, and VCC and UFV have long wait lists, meaning that I'll probably be around 31 when I graduate. I can't move to Victoria or the Okanagan since I am in a long-term relationship and I can't afford to pay $20000 in tuition to attend a private college. My parents are furious that I am considering this, they want me to keep working and "move up the ladder", and my boyfriend thinks that I am too old to go back to school, and wants to start a family soon. I feel that I don't have any support, and that maybe I am selfish for wanting to do this, but I want to be content with my life and passionate about my career. I have a few questions for you regarding a career as an LPN: 1. What are the employment prospects for newly graduated LPNs in BC? 2. Are you able to get full time hours, and what is the starting salary? (I want to be able to support myself and my children in the future, a lot of marriages don't last forever these days) 3. Do you feel that I am too old to go back to school? 4. Have any of you had problems with your family when you decided to get your LPN, and have they come to terms with it? 5. Do you enjoy your line of work and would you recommend it? I have a bit of money saved up and I can affort a year in school. I'm thinking of getting my LPN and studying towards my RN through Athabasca while I am working, but the attitude of those close to me is getting me down. I don't want to do this and then not be able to get a job due to a lack of experience or lack of employment opportunities and have my whole family say "told you so". I feel terrible for having wasted so much time and money doing something I didn't want and not sticking up for myself, but maybe it's not to late for a new beginning. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to hear back from somebody. I would really appreciate any answers, advice, or feedback that you can give me. Thanks again!

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