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  1. Hi Suzanne4, I have looked over many of the threads, pertaining to these immigration issues, offered on this site and have found your name popping up quite often. Thnx for all the useful info. I came across a situation that I think i already know the answer to but if i can bug you or anyone else for a reply, that would be at the very least reassuring. Here is the situation: Over stayed a tourist visa from the late 80s. Never left the States, and attended elementary and high school here in California. Went to college under AB 540. Attended nursing school and will graduate in a couple of weeks. Over the age of 21, have a SSN#, but no valid (gov't issued) identification. Question: This person cant even do their Live Scan can they? And if they cant do that, then no getting their IP, no sitting for the boards right? Even if an employer is willing to petition them under a H-1, would they even be qualified to be petitioned? Are there any other options to gain employment, sit for the boards, etc? Thnx to all for your time!