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  1. MrsFee

    All About the NET

    You got an excellent score. What did you use to study the reading part?
  2. MrsFee

    All About the NET

    I also purchased the practice test and many other testing materials to help me. I have been doing great on all the reading comprehension practice tests, but when it came to the actual test, I got a 97 in math and a 39 in reading. I can not find anything to prepare me for the reading. It was really hard. Nothing like what I studied.
  3. MrsFee

    Help with the NET Test. PLEASE!!!

    Thanks guys!! Does anyone else have any suggestions?
  4. HELP ME PLEASE!!! I took the net test twice and failed it due to the reading part. :cry:I got a 97 on the math and 39 on the reading. What am I doing wrong? The time limit stresses me and since its on the computer I get nervous. Is there a way I can take the test on paper. How can I pass this reading part????:o