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    Am I really an international nurse?

    I found your post so helpful because i had many of the same questions that Roses623 had. I am also applying to InterAmerican University for August-entry into the Trimester program. I'm kind of apprehensive because I've read some negative posts about the school. Overall, did you like going there? Are there other students in the Nursing trimester program that are from the states? How many students were in your classes? I'm planning on dorming for at least a little while. Is it easy to get around on campus? How far away is the beach? Where did you hang out? Did you pass your NCLEX? Did you have any trouble finding a job in the states? I have tons of questions. I'm new to this site, could you private chat me, so I can give you my email or phone number? I'd really appreciate any and all info that you have. Thanks!

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