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  1. xaymi

    Pre employment physical while pregnant?

    Thanks for your help... i didnt qualify for unemployment. i needed two more weeks working there to be able to qualify. and with my husbands income, i dont qualify for federal assistance. we had applied and got denied. but even with his job we are still struggling at times and we only have 1 child... with almost two now it's going to be tough with only one of us working and him almost getting lay off. he can always get unemployment but it wont be enough to pay the bills...
  2. xaymi

    Pre employment physical while pregnant?

    Thanks to everyone that had replied. The only time off I am taking will be my hospital stay (3-4 days). I am hoping it would be on my days off so I don't have to call in and have a hole on the schedule.. Also I was working before but not as a CNA because I wasn't able to find a job quick enough and financial circumstances made me apply for a different job. but while I was working I was still applying as a CNA in hope to work for a hospital. When I got pregnant I told my manager right away that I was pregnant and they lay me that same day because it was a temp agency and they told me that I wasn't able to do the job even tho I knew i could. I was working for a toyota plant making sure the paint didnt have any defects. I dont think I am being selfish at all because If I dont sacrificed for my kids then that would be selfish. My kids need to eat and need things. Like aura_of_laura said maternity leave is a luxury. Not everyone can afford it... thanks for all the help.:)
  3. Hi, I was just recently offer a position as a CNA and I already took a drug test and they are currently doing the background check.. But tomorrow I have a pre-employment physical. My problem is that I didnt told them I was pregnant. I am 31 weeks pregnant but my belly is not that big... Since it has been snowing outside I wear a thick coat to all my interviews and I wore mostly black clothing and my belly wasn't noticeable and I guess they never notice I am pregnant because they never asked me. I know I can do the job and I am in great shape. Are they going to be able to tell that I am pregnant when I go to my physical tomorrow... are they going to check my abdomen? also I have two appts. One is with the clinic and then they have me schedule with physical therapy for another. What will I have to do with the physical therapist? Can they disqualify me from getting the job if the find out that I am pregnant? I didnt tell them I was because they never asked me. I really need this job. In my husband's job they are laying people off and we already have 1 child and another one on the way and still have things to buy for the baby on the way that is due in 1 month or 1 1/2 months from now. And I can't start working after the baby is born, it has to be now because it was passed almost 1 year from the time I receive my licensed and I cant afford to lose the license. Thanks for any help
  4. xaymi

    new to this site

    hi all. i just joined. I receive a letter yesterday saying that i have passed my state boards for SRNA and im just wondering why i didn't receive my license number. if anyone from KY read this please help... any kind of help is appreciated