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    CPNE...feeling jumbled up!

    Sounds pretty typical. Get those critical elements down. Become expert at four or five simple care plans. Practice your twenty minute check on your real patients (or friends, or family, or your Sim man). Make sure you schedule appointments with a real CE from Excelsior via phone weekly, in the weeks before your CPNE, and daily the week before. Do this even if you don't know what to ask. My wife and I found this very beneficial. Good luck.
  2. stressfreecpne

    CPNE Workshop Reviews

    It seems to be down. You can look at it from the "cache" if you do a google search.
  3. stressfreecpne

    CPNE Workshop Reviews

    I am the owner of one of the businesses reviewed on this dubious website. My wife and I vigorously dispute the cons listed by the reviewer. Our students have all been pleased and while a very few have failed, none has ever complained that our training was inadequate. True, our website is not as slick as some of the bigger outfits, but my wife and I are full time working RNs and we find that our time is better spent taking care of our patients and keeping up with the changes to the CPNE rather than gassing up our site. We are proud that people have come from all over the country to attend our little workshop. Our utmost desire is to help LPNs pass this difficult test. We have helped as many students for free with advice on and tips on our yahoo group and over the phone as we have our paying students. In our nearly two years, we have yet to show a net profit from our business. We fund the education of our students out of our own pockets and have always considered stressfreecpne as something of an altruistic venture. Our goal is not to get rich, but rather to do our own little part to help alleviate the shortage of RNs.