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  1. hey! it is somewhat safe to live around there...basically you pay more for a safe place to live.. there are places near UC's campus that I know are safe and I think they are close to Good Sam. If you call or email someone there they might have some good suggestions. I know McMillan Manor which is close to UC is safe/nice/but pricey and University Park Apartments(UPA) which is also safe and less pricey I believe. They probably have a bus that will take you to Good Sam because those are popular places for students to live..I don't know if UPA if strictly for UC students. If you email or talk to someone and they can recommend some places let me know the names and I can ask my friends who live downtown!
  2. i am from cincinnati...i dont really know anything about the profs just that the school is supposed to be a really great nursing school...when are you moving?
  3. they took my micro, chem1, psych and english classes so i'll be taking whatever other gen eds to finish...the girl i talked to said if you arent directly accepted into nursing (like there isnt enough spots) the first semester you are in gen eds then you start nursing...what about you? where are you taking other gen eds at?
  4. i got accepted for the august 2010 program too and i only got credit for chem 101...let me know what you find out about chem classes! thanks