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    is norquest a good school?

    Hi all, I was a nursing student at a university in AB for 2-3 years. Under some circumstances, i had to quite school 2 years ago and work for a while. I was thinking of taking up school again. My friends have recommended the practical nursing program at NorQuest, I am planning to apply for the coming winter term. I did some background research, it seemed to be a pretty good college. I was wondering if anyone had attended this school and graduated from it. Would you mind sharing a bit more about the program, i.e., environment, atmosphere, quality of the instructors, practicums, work load, possible up grading RN coursese in the future, etc,...? Also details on the LPN licensing exam, like when is it usually held and what's the passing rate? I greatly appreciate your valuable information. Wish you all the best:heartbeat