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  1. i would like to 1st start off by thanking god, because w/o him none of this is possible:yeah: this website has been very helpful,:[anb]: especially with everyone's stories,feedback,tips, etc. i graduated may of this year & took the nclex rn sep.15 @1:30pm. i passed the 1st try with 75 questions. i used kaplan online (to stay focused & disciplined), pda (this book is awesome)& basically did tons of questions from many sources daily. kaplan critical thinking questions are the best because it will really have you thinking. i love the q trainers & q bank. i used everything from kaplan. i read the course book & did the "oh so boring videos. lol. the best thing i can tell you guys is to constantly do questions every single day because it will pay off. you have to read the rationales on why it's wrong and why it's right. the 35 page study guide is great and the infection control thingy on here is great. i forgot the names. lol. i did a total of 10,000+nclex style questions from may up until my test date. the day before the test i went out to dinner with my son and boyfriend to help relax me. i want to point out: do what works for you ! what works for one person, probably wont work for the next individual or vice versa. i also viewed nursing students & nurses stories on youtube. i suggest you guys before you take the test to please watch takeitfromg (take it from me: nclex) 5:43 minutes. it's about a guy's experience with the nclex. it helps with nclex anxiety + he is funny:d my test consisted of 75 questions with almost 20 sata, 12 meds, 4 or 5 peds, 3 ob, 3 psych, 1 ekg, 1 calculation, 1 pic, a ton of teaching, conferences, clarify, follow up, priority/delegation, infection control + a good pop up ! :dancgrp:btw: the test looks just like kaplan but the questions are not tough like kaplan, however that is my opinion. lbs. during the test i felt like "wth" but i was able to select the right answer with my critical thinking skills. *sighs* relief. the test is doable but you must put in the time to study. work smart, not hard. i put it in god's hands and the rest is history ! best of luck on the nclex guys & go beat that goofy test. lol. in the end it's only a computer... sincerely, chastity rn (windy city girl:)) grateful & humbled ! god is awesome

    Pearsonvue trick - poll once you receive your results

    pvt worked for me :anpom: took nclex rn 9/15 @1:30pm. 2 hrs later my bf tried the trick because i was a nervous wreck. lol. super scared. "delivery successful" + the good pop up. yesterday quick results= i officially passed. 1st take with 75 q's. god is great. :[anb]: :dncgbby:
  3. Thank you ! OMG, Super disorganized and constant last minute changes. I've never been so overwhelmed in my life until I became a nursing student. It takes a whole lot of discipline to say the least. lbvs. If you ask me, I think all ccc schools are dysfunctional . I stayed praying and focused. I think the politics of nursing school is what's HARD, everything else is doable. Best thing about it is I met some cool people on my journey and Im glad Im off that crazy rollercoaster ride...
  4. Im finished with Nursing School :grad: Daley College Graduate Nurse Rn Class of 2011 :dancgrp::ancong!:. So happy the rollercoaster ride has come to an end... "Game Over" lol
  5. I am officially done with Nursing School. Class of 2011 Daley College Graduate Nurse, RN:grad: So happy it's over. :dncgbby:Hopefully I have success with the NCLEX :dancgrp:
  6. :grad: I am officially finished with Nursing School Class of 2011. Daley College Graduate Nurse, RN :hpygrp:

    Truman or Daley college in chicago(help please)!!!

    Thank you God !:grad: I am finished with Nursing School. Very Disorganized but with the grace of God and hard work I made it through. :smackingf I was not a Happy Camper. lol. :yeah:I was accepted to Olive Harvey, Truman and Daley. I chose Daley. I attended the ATI Nclex review and talked to other ccc nursing students and all of us had many things in common with our Nursing School experience. DISORGANIZED, to say the least. I am happy its's over and now I can really start my journey on preparing for NCLEX:dancgrp:Classs of 2011 ! Graduate Nurse, RN Yaayyy :w00t::dncgbby:If you ask me "All City Colleges of Chicago are screwed" lbvs All things are possible with GOD...

    First test...

    The whole series of reviews and rationales books ! By hogan and the publisher is by pearson higher education. Hesi book by evolve is great too. Case studies off of their website but you need an access code.

    Olive Harvey &CityColleges accredition

    :thankya:You are so right Twinsister,CNA !! I just have to think positive and make the best out of whichever situation I'm in. Im just grateful and humble I will be starting a Nursing Program this Fall 2009. "All things are possible with God." Gotta stay focused and dont get discourage. ... "You are so on point" !!!

    Anyone attend Daley College?

    Thank you so much. Good luck and God Bless to you too...

    Olive Harvey &CityColleges accredition

    :yeah:Very excellent information !!! I wish I could have found this post a lil earlier. I made a huge mistake:cry: !!! I lost my seat with Truman and now I have no choice but to attend Daley college:crying2:. Hopefully I can retain all that information with their non traditional teaching methods. I hope and pray to God everything works out. I wonder why they're the only school that teaches that way unlike all the other ccc schools. Its not right, and I believe it's set up like that to create failure purposely:nono:. I dont know if it would help me that all of my other Gen Ed. classes are complete. If you get a chance can you ask your co workers how many students graduated with them compared to the actual number of students that started the program ? Thank you so much !!! Great info and feedback.

    Anyone attend Daley College?

    I made a huge mistake:cry:... today around noon Truman called me to inform me that my seat was given to another student due to not registering for Nur. 101 during orientation which was on 6/8/09. I have no choice but to attend Daley college now:down:. I wish I could have seen your posts a little earlier. Thanks for such excellent information:bow:. Im too late.

    Anyone attend Daley College?

    Why was almost half of the students lost:uhoh3: ? What happened ? On a scale of 1 to 10, what would you rate Daley's Nursing Program ? Can you give me a little more info on the program and how was your experience with it:twocents:. I was accepted to both Daley and Truman and Im trying to decide on which to choose:uhoh3:. Thank you !!! The only thing about Truman would be the long commute especially back and forth to the clinical sites. Its good that students can get off at Wilson on the red line and walk about 50 feet to the left and the college is right there. Did anyone you know attend Truman and they told you that they have at least 8 weeks lectures on each separate topic.
  14. O.K !!! Thanks for letting me know...:lvan: