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  1. I took the Nclex-Rn twice and failed. money is hard to come by for retaking these test and before taking it again i will change my plan from Kaplan to Saunders. I too hope this helps.
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    Thank you all for a warm reception. I will check out the NCLEX forum. thanks everyone
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    Hello everyone, I just wanted to give you a little info on myself. My name is Ben and I graduated back in January of this year. I recently got the results from taking the NCLEX the second time and unfortunately I did not pass . I was so depressed and had second thoughts if this was still the occupation for me. I studied really hard, took Kaplan review course before the test and tried my best to study as much as I can. My wife help recommmend me to this site to give me the confidence to try the test again. I have not been working since I started nursing school and now I am struggling financially to support my family. Hopefully, this site can give me more information/help/tips from other members.