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  1. Dwin

    Hey this is a little late..but did you passed your exam when your license was void? 

  2. Thanks for your answer and for listing your experience. I really appreciate it! I guess the only thing I'm worried about now is if they try to say I abandoned my patients on the 4th night of orientation not knowing I passed my report on the the pm nurse. I guess I just have a feeling they are really dumb if they try to even bring abandonment charges against me. Hello, if they were really worried about resident safety they would have made sure I was fully orientated and that I was comfortable with a job I was completing other than just having someone there to cover their butts!!
  3. How do you know there are charges against you to appeal if they don't notify you until they've come up a verdict? Thanks for your answer.
  4. So how does the BON hear your side of the story?
  5. Can you elaborte? I'm sorry I'm new and don't get this message.
  6. So I talked to an RN that I started orientation with and was told that he heard through a couple people that they were going to try to go after me for abandonment. Just goes to show how low this place is. Even though I didn't do anything wrong, I still feel as though I need to defend myself. I don't need any complaints against me for bogus accusations. Does anyone know if the BON would even take this seriously?
  7. So they never even sent you a letter to tell you there were allegations and they were investigating you?
  8. I don't think getting a doctor's excuse will do any good now. I've already quit and I didn't hear from them anymore since I called them back yest. to say that my letter is valid and that I'm no longer an employee.
  9. cb rn-thanks for your reply. I have already talked to a lawyer. I told the ED when I spoke on the phone with her that I was going to seek legal advice already. AlmostabubbieRN-if you were under investigation how come you didn't know it and how did you end up finding out? Did your future employer know you were under investigation?
  10. But will that show up that someone tried to report me or complain against me?
  11. They use their per diem nurses there like regular RNs/LPNs. I'm sure none of them wanted to come in.
  12. I know that I was not the most competent or experienced and I never said I was. I was merely just stating the fact that I wasn't comfortable because if anything were to happen it'd be MY license not the LPNs. I also know now it is common for them to only have 1 RN at night but they should have corrected that when I said I didn't want that responsibility and moved me to another shift.
  13. 1214RN-what is a report of actions? Is after disciplinary action has been taken? Or is is anytime anyone makes a complaint?
  14. Pageantnurse-when you were being investigated did the BON contact you and is it open to the public that you are being investigated?
  15. Thanks everyone for all the replies!! And for the record, I would have given my 2 weeks notice but I did not feel I was competent. If they would have brought me to a different shift were I was not the only RN I would have finished out my 2 weeks no problem. They were not willing to work me and said I would work 3rds until they found a replacement for me (even after stating I didn't feel comfortable). When future employers do background checks does it show who's done them on you? And it doesn't mean that I worked for them, just that they did a background check right?
  16. When I had this phone conversation with her. I did tell her I would seek legal advice because she was saying I had to come in or else they'd report me. I then asked her for what and that's when she said for "endangering their residents." I told her I was an at will employee and I have not accepted patient care so how would she do that? She said I accepted a position and I was on the schedule. I think she doesn't know what she's doing. But she shouldn't have the right to threaten me or give me an ultimatum to go to job that I am not comfortable doing. I even said, "so you want to force me to come in even though I've expressed my concern about not being comfortable with being the only RN?" and she said yes, that they had 3 other lpns and a nurse on call for questions. That doesn't matter to me, it's my license I worked hard for it and if anything were to happen it'd be MY license!! This ED is only a temp. ED I heard her last days were coming up soon. I have plenty of things I could report on them for.

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