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  1. kepakids

    Does anyone attend Alfred State University??

    Never Going to Give Up...Congratulations to you. I assume that you are a little older and not a student coming in right out of high school. From what I have read, I think this program may be very difficult for an individual just graduating from high school. Can you please explain what makes it so difficult? I am hoping this will help my daughter. Also, did you purchase the software that was required for the Ipod Touch? Also, do you think it is best to purchase the Nursing Books or rent them for the semester. I appreciate all your help. Have you found a job yet?
  2. kepakids

    SUNY Alfred State nursing students fall 09

    To Never Going to Give Up....I was wondering how your year at Alfred State was? My daughter, who is 21, will be going there this fall. I would love to hear your honest opinion. She is going in with alot of transfer credits. Thanks
  3. kepakids

    Rochester, nursing schools, admission criteria

    Congratulations....would you mind sharing what your GPA was when you applied? Did you have all A's and B's in your science courses?
  4. kepakids

    I didn't get in ;-( So upset!

    There is a comment on this post to apply to Nazareth College. I applied to Nazareth College and did not like the way I was treated by their Admissions Staff. I received correspondence (handwritten) stating I would have an answer in a certain time frame and received nothing. After sending several emails and telephone calls, I finally received an answer. For the tuition costs this college charged, I was really disappointed with Nazareth College.
  5. kepakids

    Rochester, nursing schools, admission criteria

    Keep up your GPA and you should be fine. SUNY Brockport is very competive. Many applicants with about 70 openings for Fall 2009. Remember just because you attend SUNY Brockport does not mean you are automatically accepted in the Nursing Program. Grades play a big factor.
  6. kepakids

    Rochester, nursing schools, admission criteria

    Did you get accepted at SUNY Brockport? Do you mind if I ask what your GPA was? My daughter did not get accepted and now we are trying to determine what she should do. She really wants to be a nurse. We live in Rochester, NY. Does anyone have any suggestions? Many thanks