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  1. you been workin' overtime too. I'll make sure the big guy..Mr. Kringle, uh Santa to you, gives all you great, hard-workin' nurses somethin' really special, how does gold plated stethescopes sound?
  2. No nuh uh, the hat stays on, surgery or no surgery. My naughty list is still in effect.
  3. I know nurse I shouldn't leave frozen banana peels on the workshop floor. All I remember was this HUGE red and white... well you know and now I'm a hurting elf.
  4. Like I told the ER nurse, I have RED REINDEER/REDNOSE HMO (Holiday Makers' Organization) Insurance.
  5. ayoung

    pyxis dilemma

    This nuse obviously has a problem and most likely is an addict. She needs intrvention and help. She is hurting all concerned. I know.
  6. ayoung

    Waiting Has a Magnificent Purpose

    DearJesJay:w00t:Thank You for you insightful thoughts and feelings. I truly hear you. Be well. Amy
  7. ayoung

    dialysis training

    to Jason, i too would like to train for a nursing career in dialysis. Are med-surg nurses who have been out of the field for awhile eligible? I live in Illinois and would welcome any suggestions. Good luck Jason.
  8. ayoung

    On Probation having difficulty finding employment

    Iread with some relief this link/problem. I too am there and have not been able to find a job. The advice is excellent and instead of "hiding" waiting for probation to end I too am going to apply "everywhere" and be upfront and professional for I too feel I am a great RN with alot to offer and hope and pray staying in recovery, my life/career can begin again. Best to All !
  9. ayoung

    Nsg. Dx. for RR=4 after oxycodone

    :specs:To Nsg. DX. for RR=4. Good observations. I wonder what were thevital signs before pain med. Is he on other sedating and poss. RR reducing meds. Could an alt. pain med be tried? Let me know. Keep up good work and asking questions. We are here.
  10. ayoung

    Nurses with ADD/ADHD?

    :redbeathedear fellow RN and ADD sufferer I know how difficult. it can be with all the stimuli and chaos on a nsg. unit and the ADD is creating a nightmare in you head. It is so hard to sort it all out and prioritize yourself and your nsg. duties. I have found meds like Ritalin do helpas wellas writing down your schedule and also going to a quiet spot and take deep breaths help.let me know how you are doing and what's new?