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    UK nurse relocating to USA, is it worth it?!!

    Good Luck with the process. Dont mean to put you on a downer but if you are prepared to wait up to six years due to the visa retrogression. I passed the NCLEX TWO YEARS ago and eventually pulled out of the visa process as it was never ending. I had to think of my childrens education and the USA does not appeal anymore asthey are in a worse reccession than England. Joanna
  2. Hello I am a British nurse. Dont mean to sound on a downer about this but we were in the process of emmigrating to America. I passed the nclex exam and fortunately i didnt need to do extra studying for obstetrics etc...I got to the first stage the DIAC which was a total nightmare due to the visa retrogression. In addition the second stage at the National Visacentre was currently dealing with May 2004 applicants therefore not only would you have to wait for the Diac you then have a lenghty wait for the NVC. If you are prepared for the long wait I reckon about 6 years I would look at other options. Why America and do you have any family. Joanna

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