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  1. LadyLuck5

    Support Stickie for New nurses who are not coping

    I can not begin to express how grateful I am for finding this thread---it is getting me through my first 6 months as a new RN in an MICU. I read a little bit of this and the new nurses advice threads right before my shifts as a little pick me up to get me motivated for the night. It is so comforting to know we are all not alone in our shared exhaustion, terror, happiness, and sorrows. Like many others- I am a career changer---married, new nurse working the night shift 7-7 for the first time ever in my life. The first night shift I did I felt like I literally was going to fall over from exhaustion, gave the crappiest report off's ever-did not even care all I could focus on was remaining vertical enough to make it home to sleep. Since then- thank god-my physical state has gotten somewhat better- with the help of Ambien-but my life outside of work has completely ceased to exist. I am either sleeping- trying to eat and work--being married does not help- my husband and I just bought a house and the process of moving etc and working has pushed my almost to the edge. Ugh---I am not a very religious person---but working this job - trying to save lives-hope and pray to not hurt anyone-while trying to maintain a fraction of a life-has called out my inner need for strength from some higher power. Nursing is hard-very hard- then to through that with trying to cope with working night shift is what I like to call nursing to the extreme! It is sooooo comforting to hear others speak with the same emotions and to hear caring veterans speak of truths that it will get better-there is hope-don't give up, take deep breaths and let all ego and fears go- WE CAN DO THIS!
  2. LadyLuck5

    Any Jan 2010 UIC GEP Applicants Out There?

    FYI- I applied to the FNP program and I also did not get an email from Chris. Wish everyone the best!!! Hopefully we will hear news sooner than later.
  3. LadyLuck5

    Any Jan 2010 UIC GEP Applicants Out There?

    I can not tell you all how helpful this website has been. I too am waiting very anxiously to hear back from UIC - FNP program. My take is that we MIGHT hear back this week or early May? Just wondering if anyone has heard from the GEP-FNP program???